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A Paranormal True Story “Ghosts of Cielo Drive” by David Oman

After spending some time at David Oman’s very haunted house, I felt drained. I also felt like I had been in a very special place where ghosts walk. There is integra viagra examples of essays on dogs essay on holi for std 3 anatomy and physiology essay test questions go to link cialis harder erection amoxicillin with panadol essay on dress codes decrease school violence and improve learning consiglio acquisto cialis online compare and contrast university essay download research papers on cloud computing click case study zara viagra best selling great essay introduction buyessay org exercises on thesis statements uk online vegetal vigra stockist compare protonix and nexium and prilosec help with my history homework calculus problems and answers expository essay development by example follow see url site de confiance cialis generique essay book help REAL Paranormal activity there. Now comes the story from the man himself who owns this special place. What is going on in David Oman’s house? Find out in David’s new Book “The Ghosts of Cielo Drive.”

“The Ghosts of Cielo Drive

“One of the most gruesome and notorious murders of our time was committed on August 8th, 1969 when Charles Manson’s ‘Family’ descended on Roman Polanski’s residence on Cielo Drive in Beverly Hills and brutally murdered 5 people including Polanski’s wife pregnant Sharon Tate. While the original house no longer exists, filmmaker/author David Oman built his house a mere 150 feet from where the site where the grisly murders took place. Oman is convinced that the murder victims still haunt his residence to this day and many other spirits as well. He’s not the only one. Paranormal Experts and psychics from the World over have visited the Oman residence and have dubbed it. ‘The Mount Everest of Haunted Houses” and “The D-land for the Dead” due to the amount of paranormal activity that occurs there and the elevated DC EMF levels present. The Oman house has also been featured on “Ghost Hunters”, “My Ghost Story”, “Paranormal Witness”, “Haunted History” “Dead Famous Live” and “Ghost Adventures” The Ghosts of Cielo Drive is Mr. Oman’s first book on his experiences living on Cielo Drive private in a wildly haunted house. October is Halloween month with the success of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” the timing should be perfect. The book is available through the website” 


Book Cover

My experiences at the house on CIELO DRIVE.

Action figures that fall over when no one is close to them. You set them up…they are solidly on the on a very heavy aquarium (David jumps up and down very close to the tank and nothing on the top of the aquarium falls, and there is no vibration at all.) However, they always fill over again and again. One of them almost hit me on it’s trip to the floor.

There is a bedroom that has a blast of cold air that goes through the room. No air conditioning is on, no windows are open. This was really creepy.

My husband and I tried to go down to the bottom floor, there are three floors. This floor actually has a huge boulder in a small room that jets out from the side of the cliff on which the house is built.

I just couldn’t walk from the stair to the to the first part of the hallway.  It wasn’t the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced, but it was in the top three.

Check out David’s new book to read for yourself what goes on just 150 feet from the location where the so-called ‘Tate murders’ took place.

Much more will be revealed in the new book by David Orman, “The Ghost on Cielo Drive.”


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