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“Nailed It” Season 3 Review

Even with its flaws, “Nailed It” is an impressive serving of carefree baking fun.

How Season 3 of Nailed It Shapes Up


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First premiering on March 9, 2018, Nailed It is a Netflix Original baking show in which contestants compete for a $10,000 cash prize. These contestants also happen to be fledgling bakers, with little to no experience. In each episode, bakers must complete two rounds, “Baker’s Choice” and “Nail It or Fail It.” With “Baker’s Choice,” contestants have to recreate small-scale desserts, such as cupcakes and cookies. “Nail It or Fail It” requires them to craft large-scale desserts based off of edible masterpieces. Typically, these final desserts are huge, fully decorated cakes. In addition, every season has six episodes, with each one being about 30 minutes long.


Along the way, host Nicole Byer provides inspiration and constructive criticism, while also being hilarious. Likewise, French chef Jacques Torres, provides help and advice with baking. To round out the judge panel, a third guest judge is always included as well.

Season 3 of Nailed It follows this familiar formula, while breathing fresh air into it. I truly believe that this season elevates above previous ones to be the best yet. It contains fresh humor, fun, constantly changing challenges, and interesting contestants. Above all, Season 3 is just a lot of carefree fun. And in my opinion, that’s great.




Let’s start with the judges. Both Nicole and Jacques are so endearing. They each have their own style of humor, but the two combine to create non-stop comedy. Additionally, the judges have great chemistry together; honestly, they seem like a pair of best friends. The guest judges are usually interesting, too, and they add a special flair to every episode. Just seeing all the judges interact and banter with one another is one of my favorite parts of Nailed It.


I happen to really like their brand of judging as well. More than anything, Nailed It is meant to be a fun baking show, and the judges help see to that. They do provide criticism, but it’s usually on the constructive side. Overall, they want to inspire the bakers and teach them the value of learning through failure; the help and feedback the judges give isn’t meant to be mean. I think that’s another very noteworthy aspect of the show.



Furthermore, the desserts bakers use as a reference are amazing to see. They’re always impressive and impeccably made. One of my favorite challenges from Season 3 was a Black Panther cake, featuring T’Challa clawing his way out of leaves. Speaking of challenges, I believe Nailed It does a fantastic job of keeping them fresh and varied. Whether it’s new ingredients to work with, or a new design to reconstruct, each round is unique in its own way.

Additionally, every episode is like a surprise waiting to be revealed. There’s no telling what each individual baker will make in response to a prompt. The dessert could look horribly malformed, shockingly close to the source material, or somewhere in between. This creates a lasting sense of excitement, knowing the result will continuously be different.



Unfair Advantages/Unbalanced Difficulty

Despite the many strengths of Nailed It, it does have a couple flaws, however minor. They do little to muddle such a fun, distinct show, but they’re still worth noting. First, I feel contestants occasionally have advantages over one another. I’m sure this isn’t intentional, but in some episodes, I couldn’t help but think the odds were stacked. For instance, one episode featured an art teacher as a contestant. I believe there was a clear difference between her work, and that of the other bakers.


Second, I think the difficulty level of certain challenges is unbalanced compared to other ones. With most challenges, bakers must recreate an entire cake for the last round. However, one episode featured a different type of task; the base of the dessert was already made, and the bakers only had to build upon it. This still requires a lot of skill, but less than many other desserts on the show.


Final Thoughts

Even with its flaws, Nailed It is an impressive serving of carefree baking fun. Loveable judges, lenient judging,  hilarious jokes, incredible desserts; all these factors combine to form a show that is truly one of a kind. There is no other show quite like it, especially in the realm of baking. In conclusion, I think Nailed It is an excellent baking competition that many viewers will love.


Netflix Media Center Site-


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All pictures were obtained from the Netflix Media Center site, which I am registered to use. 


'Nailed It' Season 3


  • Fun, endearing judges
  • Lenient judging that provides constructive criticism
  • Incredible reference desserts
  • Good variety of challenges
  • Lasting sense of excitement and surprise
  • Interesting contestants
  • Show is a ton of fun


  • Bakers sometimes have unfair advantages over one another
  • Challenge difficulty level can be unbalanced
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