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New Installment of Shawn Chesser’s Epic Zombie Story “Gone”

This is actually a gut wrenching book. The pain of  past losses shows up in several main characters, bringing a sadness and stressful feeling to the read.

Shawn Chesser has released Book 13 of his epic zombie story “Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse,” (STZA), “Gone.”

I stumbled across Shawn Chesser and his books because I’m obsessed with Zombies and searched everyday for new books. I read the first one and was immediately addicted.

It would be helpful if you started at the first book and read your way though. If you love Zombie books, this won’t be too hard. But, if you do read this first you can certainly go back and start at the beginning. The books are compelling with the feeling of desperation when  characters are in trouble, tears when something bad happens in the storyline.

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Presidents, premiers, entire governments disappeared instantly, like a fragile house of cards in a hurricane. Some hid deep underground or holed up in fortified strongholds, but most were swallowed up by the dead, never to be heard from again.

For Cade Grayson—doting father and patriotic Delta Force operator—the past week has been the worst dealt to him by life during his short thirty-five-year stint on planet Earth.

Following a hashed-together kill or capture mission that saw Cade and the newly formed Pale Rider team travel to Northern Utah to confront a band of escaped convicts turned cannibal, he returns to the compound in rural Utah with a grim task: bury three more of his people in the already crowded hillside cemetery.

With Zs flooding the valley to the east, and Chinese PLA scouts probing inland from the west, Cade immediately guns up and leaves the wire with his daughter, Raven, in tow. His new mission is twofold: to infuse Raven with as much survival knowledge as possible, and to find a close friend who has gone missing, feared dead.

Eden’s group ranks are thinned when two more of their own disappear while Cade and Raven are away.

Will Cade find outside the wire all that he is searching for?

Will Raven emerge from the crucible intact?

Caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place, will the remaining Eden members learn what has happened to the missing … or will they be GONE forever? (Amazon.com)

Terra’s Opinion

This is actually a gut wrenching book. The pain of  past losses shows up in several main characters, bringing a sadness and stressful feeling to the read.

Cade’s daughter Raven is proving herself to be not only to an amazing warrior, but also a leader.

“Gone” revolves around only a few of the major characters, Cade, Raven and Duncan are the ones featured with a few others here and there.

Also, something that I’ve missed in some of the books are hundreds of zombies. Lots of zombies are one the march, and no one knows when they will appear. Chinese PLA scouts are also raging through the area and they are a force perhaps worse than the zombies.   With so many of the group from Eden outside of the wire, who will be there to protect the others still left.

The title of this book kind of says it all…’Gone.’ I’ll let you read the book to see who went where and which might be ‘Gone.’


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"STZA Gone"

The title of this book kind of says it all...'Gone.' I'll let you read the book to see who went where and which might be 'Gone.'


  • A marvel of zombie literature.


  • Not long enough
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